Welcome to Telic Paper Sdn. Bhd.

Telic Paper is the first Malaysia company to embark on manufacturing moulded fiber packaging and moulded pulp products using recycled biodegradable paper and fiber waste. On year 2013, BiogreenLiving was established on a purpose to introduce a different nature of new products to the market. Such products include Paper Mache Educational Craft and Biodegradable Tableware…

Our Mission

As a pioneer eco-packaging company in the country, Telic Paper is driven to promote the use of biodegradable and environmentally-friendly packaging products.  Living the tagline “Moulding Our Future”, we strive to have purposeful action on our part to create a better place for our present and our future generations.

Our Vision

The nature of our business is to recycle, reuse, replace and to reduce the usage of non-environmentally-friendly packaging gives the impetus for Telic to lend a helping hand in the global efforts to make a difference in the care of our mother earth.

The Eco Loving Innovative Company (TELIC)

The first seed was planted in a humble setting in year 1983 under the name Siew Fui Paper Products, which became the leading manufacturer of paper egg trays in Malaysia and Singapore. In 1994, Siew Fui Paper Products evolved into Telic Paper to reflect its expansion and intention to manufacture eco-friendly industrial, agricultural and food moulded products

Today, the company through investment in research and development, state-of-art machines and advance production processes, is the pioneer and leader in moulded fiber packaging and moulded pulp products in the country.

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